Membership Class 3

Sunday School Class on the Purpose and Governmental Structure of Kittredge Community Bible Church

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KCBC Bylaws

[The following notes are from our Sunday School class that meets at 9 am. They are intended for those who are already members and would like a refresher course, for those thinking about membership, or for those who might be just a little curious. God bless.]

What is the Purpose (object) of KCBC?

Article II

The object of this church shall be to participate in the preaching of the Gospel to every creature; the edification of Christians through the teaching of God’s Word, and the promotion of spiritual fellowship among God’s people of like faith and purpose.

What is the Governmental Structure of KCBC?

Article V, Section 20a says “We recognize that all authority comes from Jesus Christ as we all are under His authority, grace, mercy and direction for His glory.”

Emergency Government and Officers

ARTICLE IX (adopted 4/27/73)

Section 1. In case the membership of the Kittredge Community church diminishes to the extent that either the Deacon or Elder boards, or both, have vacancies to the point of weakening the governing body of the Kittredge Community Church, the membership shall have the option of joining together the remaining Deacon and Elder board members into one **Governing board, *consisting of a minimum of three male members and a maximum of seven male members of the church. (*adopted 2/25/77 at a constitutionally called membership meeting) (**adopted 2/26/17 at a constitutionally called membership meeting)

Section 2. Until such time as the normal governing bodies of the church are reinstated, the **Governing board shall execute the responsibilities of both the Elder and Deacon boards as indicated in the constitution and by-laws of the Kittredge Community Church.

Section 3. Under this temporary condition, two-thirds of the Board members shall constitute a quorum at any board meeting.

Section 4. The **Governing Board shall elect from its members a chairman, secretary and treasurer.

Section 5. The two boards, Deacon and Elder, may be reinstated by the membership at a constitutionally called meeting and at that time shall reinstate the governmental duties of the church and the Deacon and Elder Boards per Article V of the constitution and by-laws of the Kittredge Community Church.

Government and Officers

ARTICLE V (*Also see Article IX~ Emergency Government & Officers)

Section 1. This church shall be strictly self-governing in all matters, and shall not be under the influence of any denomination or federation of denominations.

Section 2.  The control and management of the affairs and funds of this corporation shall be vested in its membership.  There shall be an Elder/Deacon Board. This Elder/Deacon Board shall constitute the Board of Trustees of the corporation and shall perform all duties and assume all responsibilities normally incumbent upon Trustees.  

Section 3. Matters of major importance to the whole body of the church shall be referred to the congregation at a constitutionally called meeting. Borrowing, buying, selling, or transferring of real estate shall have the authorization of the voting membership. A constitutional congregational meeting shall likewise act upon the forming or dissolving of the Pastoral Relationship.

Section 4. The fiscal year of this church shall be from Feb. 1, thru Jan. 31. The Annual meeting shall be held on the third Friday in February or as soon thereafter as possible. One half of the active membership at such meeting shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of electing the Elder and Deacon Boards, and for any other business transactions. At this meeting, all organizations shall present in writing a report of their year’s work. An annual report of the church treasurer shall be given. Elder and Deacon Board members shall be elected and any other business transactions that should come before the congregation shall be taken up. All Elders and Deacons shall hold their term of office from and to the annual meeting.

Section 5. The Elder Board shall consist of five male members of the church. Each Elder shall be elected for a term of three years. Any male member of this church in good standing shall be eligible for the Elder Board. The Elder Board is to review the church membership annually and furnish the Deacon Board with a current roster of members and friends.

Section 6. The Elder Board, together with the Pastor, shall be responsible for the spiritual welfare of the church. They shall assist in the ministering of the ordinances. They shall assist the Pastor in all matters of the spiritual watch-care of the congregation.

Section 7. The Elder Board shall be the executive body of the congregation in dealings with the Pastor, employees, and all outside organizations dealing with the spiritual and educational welfare of the church. It shall exercise supervision over the spiritual work of the church and its organizations. It shall appoint or arrange for all such workers or officers needed for carrying on the church meetings and activities, such as pianist, ushers, or special committees.

Section 8. The Deacon Board shall consist of three male members of the church. Each deacon shall be elected for a term of three years, with one being elected each year. Any male member of this church in good standing shall be eligible for the Deacon Board.

Section 9. The Deacon Board shall constitute the instrument whereby all business transactions, involving the physical properties of the church, the proper upkeep and repairs, shall be carried out. Such work shall be facilitated by means of such funds as the Deacon Board may see fit to dispose of.

Section 10. The Elder Board shall consider and handle any suggestions, recommendations, requests, or grievances upon the part of any member. No one, however, shall be dropped from the roll of the church without a fair and impartial hearing before the Elder Board. If a member refuses to meet with the Board for such consideration, the Board may, after the third notification to appear, take action as if he were present. Upon evidence of any member not being in accord with the Doctrinal statement of the church, or accused of open or flagrant sin, the Elder Board has power to call such to account in an effort toward adjustment. If any member, following such an action, persists in his sinful course, it shall be within the province of the Elder Board to order his/her name erased from the roll.

Section 11. The Deacon Board shall provide a corporate seal which shall be in the form of a circle and shall bear the full name of the corporation with the word “Seal” in the center 2.

Section 12. The Elder Board shall hold regular monthly meetings. Any four members at any Board meeting shall constitute a quorum. Called Board meetings may be held at the request of the Chairman of the Board, Pastor, or any Board member.

Section 13. The Deacon Board shall hold regular monthly meetings. Any two elected members at any board meeting shall constitute a quorum. Called board meetings may be held at the request of the Pastor or any board member.

Section 14. Either the Deacon Board or the Elder Board shall have the authority to call a congregational meeting: Announcement shall be made at least two Sundays previous to the meeting, and the purpose of the meeting stated. No other action than that specified and related matters, shall be transacted at such meetings. The Deacon or Elder Board shall call a congregational meeting at the written request of one-third of the voting membership for any stated reason. The Deacon Board and Elder Board shall at all times be subject to the majority of the voting membership.

Section 15. The Deacon Board shall elect from its members a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Treasurer shall submit a monthly report to the Elder Board as to the church finances. A specified amount of money shall be made available to the Elder Board for use as they deem necessary for the church spiritual programs. At no time will less than 10% of the gross income be set-aside for mission giving.

Section 16. In case of vacancies on the Deacon or Elder Boards, the vacancy may be filled by appointment by the board where the vacancy occurs.

Section 17. The Elder Board shall elect from among its members a Chairman and a Secretary.

Section 18. The officers of the church shall perform the duties generally incumbent upon such officers. A full and complete copy of all minutes of all meetings shall be kept carefully and signed either by the presiding officer or secretary, after approval of the reading, by the Board as a whole,

Section 19. Election of Board members shall be by secret ballot from a list of all eligible candidates at the Annual Meeting.

Section 20. (Adopted 2/26/2017) The job of the chairman is to craft meeting agendas, guide orderly discussion, and see that the board conducts itself according to the policies that govern it. The authority of the chairman falls within the established by-laws of Kittredge Community Church, including direction and advice by the elders, deacons, pastor and voting members of the congregation.

a. We recognize that all authority comes from Jesus Christ as we all are under His authority, grace, mercy and direction for His glory.

b. The chairman will take the initiative in such matters as the following: determining meeting times and agenda items, recognizing board members and others who wish to address an issue, limiting discussion.

c. The chairman as an individual has no authority to supervise or direct the other board members, including the pastor.

d. The chairman has the authority to clarify and communicate board policies to elders, deacons, pastor and congregation.



Section 1. Any ordained or licensed man in whom the church recognizes the call of God and the gift of Christ, and being satisfied with his moral, mental, and spiritual endowments, may be called as Pastor of this church. He shall, of course, be in complete harmony with the Doctrinal Statement and object of this church.

Section 2. The Pastor shall have general oversight of the spiritual life of the church, regular services, and administration of the ordinances. He shall be a member of all boards and committees connected with the church or any of its organizations. If at any time his personal beliefs or doctrinal statements shall not be in accord with this church, or if he be convicted of moral defection, his services shall be terminated as Pastor by vote of the congregation.

Section 3. The Pastor shall serve until the Pastorate is terminated by death, resignation, or by a two-thirds vote of the membership at a constituted congregational meeting.

Section 4. (adopted 5/4/76) When an ordained or licensed man accepts the call as Pastor of this church, and all the requirements of Article VI, Section 1 are met, he will automatically become a member of this church. If he is married and his wife meets the same requirements, she also shall automatically become a member of the church.

If for some specific reason at the time he accepts the call either he or his wife feel that they, would like to be excused from membership, they may state the exact reason to the Elder Board and if the board finds just cause, they may be excused from membership.