Jeremiah 29:1-9 and 24-32 teach us why it's important to love the communities we live in.
Jeremiah 28 reminds us of where true peace comes from.
Jeremiah 27:1-22 explains Babylon's yoke and God’s sovereignty over all nations.
Jeremiah 26 points us to a trial even greater than Jeremiah's.
Jeremiah 25:15-38 teaches that the cup of God's wrath awaits everyone who doesn't trust in Christ.
Jeremiah 24:1-25:14 teaches us that like rotten figs, we all have rotten hearts that we can’t cure. But God can.
Jeremiah 23:9-40 has much to teach us about who we should be listening to.
Jeremiah 23:1-8 reminds us why we need to trust in the ultimate Good Shepherd.
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