Jeremiah 23:9-40 has much to teach us about who we should be listening to.
Jeremiah 23:1-8 reminds us why we need to trust in the ultimate Good Shepherd.
And what does Jeremiah 21-22 have to say about your king's view of social justice?
Jeremiah 19:1-15 reminds us that God's wrath is just, glorious, fearsome, and real.
Jeremiah 18:1-23 reminds us we are not the potter, but God is. He knows what’s best, and will always do what’s best.
Keeping the Lord’s Day holy doesn’t earn us salvation but gives an awesome opportunity each week to focus on who does.
Jeremiah 17:5-18 teaches us that trusting in Christ is the only way to be saved.
In Jeremiah 16:1-17:4 Jeremiah is told not to marry, attend funerals, or go to parties. Why, and should we follow his example?
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